Floating Engine Room Units

Engine room units are the power houses that generate the energy required to drive our huge cruise ships and operate our cabins, kitchens, restaurants and sports facilities. Engine rooms also house heating systems, air conditioning units and LNG tanks. NEPTUN WERFT has become specialised in the construction of these complex units. Tugboats are used to transport the huge floating units to MEYER WERFT in Papenburg and MEYER TURKU in Finland, where the actual cruise ships are built – but their heart is made in Rostock.

The units are 140 metres long, 16 metres high and up to 46 metres wide. A large new shipbuilding hall has been opened at our shipyard in Rostock to facilitate the construction of these floating parts. We can build four of these units a year, and this figure will only increase in the future. NEPTUN WERFT has laid the structural foundations and developed its expertise in the construction of sophisticated engine room units. We’re working with the other shipyards in the MEYER Group to make shipping more environmentally friendly through the development of fuel cells and other technology. This will allow our group to continue setting technological standards in the future.