Experience and Expertise

NEPTUN WERFT has delivered over 1,500 new ships and carried out thousands of ship repairs since it was founded in 1850.

The shipyard in Rostock is now part of the MEYER Group and specialises in the construction of floating engine room units, which are installed in the cruise ships constructed by MEYER WERFT in Papenburg and MEYER TURKU in Finland. NEPTUN WERFT is also one of the leading constructors of river cruise ships and even builds specialised vessels like ferries and gas tankers.

river cruise ships
years of experience

Rewarding employment

On average, our employees work at our shipyard for at least 16 years. This puts our period of employment well above the national average.

Corporate Culture

Tight and effective network

NEPTUN WERFT works closely with 25 partner companies, which come together to form the MEYER Group.

The MEYER Group