Ready for the future

NEPTUN WERFT is well equipped for the future thanks to its experience gained from over 170 years of shipbuilding and the expertise of MEYER Group. We build the centrepieces of the cruise ships constructed in Papenburg and Turku, and we’ve also become established in the demanding river cruise ship market. This means we can look confidently towards the future with our employees.

Our recipe for success

We know that we’ll only be able to face the challenges of the future together, so we’re constantly looking to lay better foundations to ensure our success: We’re creating an environment to make our employees feel good and motivate them to perform their tasks to the best of their ability. We want them to put their ideas into practice and develop as people and professionals, so the continuous training is highly important. We conduct regular training courses to enable the use of the latest technology and optimise our processes. We’re also educating the next generation of specialists, so that we can keep hold of our highly qualified and motivated workforce and our shipyard can continue to grow and compete with the international competition.

Our principles

Quality, safety, sustainability, reliability - the success of NEPTUN WERFT is based on these principles.

Together with our corporate principles, these guidelines regulate how we can ensure the high quality of our products, the protection of our employees and the environment in the future as well. The principles are valid for the staff of NEPTUN WERFT as well as for our partner companies.