• What We Offer

    For over 160 years, NEPTUN WERFT has been focusing on togetherness to achieve ambitious goals together. For us as an employer, values like humanity, teamwork and togetherness are paramount. We have stated these values in our company principles many years ago, because we want our employees to approach their tasks in a committed and motivated way and want them to implement and further develop their ideas.

  • Job Offers

    Highly motivated, qualified staff are needed to build highly complex engine room units. We work together as a team to master the challenge of ensuring punctual delivery of these power stations for the propulsion and electrical supply of giant cruise ships.

    The latest orders for Viking demand the very best ideas, know-how and innovative technology. Individual components dovetail harmoniously to create a highly complex overall system as river cruise ship.

    Help us to build our products!

  • Apprenticeship

    The construction of floating engine room units, river cruise ships and specialized ships is our strength. If you want to help building these ships as an apprentice, you will learn highly practice-oriented. How would you like becoming one of us and to tell your friends and family with pride: „I was part of the construction of that ship!“