Our approach to environmental protection

Respect for the environment and the responsible use of resources are top priorities at NEPTUN WERFT. That’s why long-term environmental protection is firmly anchored in our company principles. We continually monitor the eco-friendliness of all processes at our shipyard. This not only applies to the construction of our ships, but also to the engine room units and vessels themselves.

We’re setting the course

We use fuel-efficient machinery and equipment for the construction of our ships. We’re also perfecting our logistical systems to save energy and reduce our exhaust emissions.

In addition, we’re working with our customers and suppliers to develop and use eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies. Great emphasis is placed on the design of our ships, drive systems and on-board services. Reducing a ship’s resistance, ensuring optimal operating conditions and using LED lighting fixtures can help save energy in the long term.

We’re also contributing to the construction of new LNG-powered cruise liners: The employees at NEPTUN WERFT install LNG tanks in floating engine room units to prepare the cruise ships for eco-friendly operations. NEPTUN WERFT, MEYER WERFT and MEYER TURKU have become the first shipbuilding companies in the world to develop a low-emission and eco-friendly LNG drive system for cruise ships.