Modern Facilities

NEPTUN WERFT has delivered over 1,500 ships and carried out thousands of repairs since it was founded in 1850. Over the decades, we have continually adapted the processes at our traditional shipyard on the River Warnow in line with the latest technological developments to survive and thrive on the market.

We reached a crucial milestone in 2003 by opening our first production hall, enabling us to work in all weathers and increase our planning security. This was followed by the construction of our training hall in 2006, which was attached to our large production hall. This is where our experts of tomorrow can work together across 700 m2 of learning space. The office used by our teaching staff is housed in the middle of the building, which means the apprentices always have an experienced professional at hand. NEPTUN WERFT has recently become specialised in the construction of fully equipped engine rooms for cruise ships. These floating units are delivered to MEYER WERFT in Papenburg and MEYER TURKU in Finland. A new shipbuilding hall was opened in 2018 for the construction of these sections. This investment has allowed us to significantly increase our productivity in this growing segment.

In 2006, we commissioned an innovative lowering device to make sure the ships and components constructed in our production halls can be placed safely in the water. The submersible pontoon sinks into the River Warnow to gently lower ships and units into the water.

The covered shipbuilding halls, cutting-edge production facilities and lowering device make a significant contribution to the success of our shipyard. These aspects are complemented by our short transport and logistics routes – we use computer-aided logistical systems to make sure each and every component is in the right place at the right time. All these investments are crucial to make sure NEPTUN WERFT continues to drive the future development of the shipbuilding industry.

Floating dock

The river cruise ships and floating engine room units constructed at NEPTUN WERFT are placed in the water using a cutting-edge machine. The concrete pontoon is 150 metres long and 55 metres wide. The device features cranes, pumps, winches and measuring equipment, so it can also be used as a floating dock. Once the river cruise ships or engine room units are complete, the submersible pontoon is lowered by the quayside to gently launch the ship or unit into the water.

New shipbuilding hall

A new shipbuilding hall was opened at NEPTUN WERFT in 2018. The hall is 180 metres long, 65 metres wide and 58 metres high. The 13,000 m2 production space is mainly used to build our floating engine room units – the centrepiece of next-generation cruise liners that feature an eco-friendly LNG drive system. NEPTUN WERFT makes the floating engine room units made ready for installation before delivering them to MEYER WERFT in Papenburg and MEYER TURKU in Finland, where the world’s most innovative cruise vessels are designed and constructed.
Our new shipbuilding hall is an important milestone in our bid to realign NEPTUN WERFT as an experienced system supplier. We can build four of these engine room units a year, and this figure will only increase in the future, allowing our shipbuilding company in Rostock to boost its productivity and develop its position within the MEYER Group.

Our fleet

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