Network of Specialists

NEPTUN WERFT has built a strong network of partners. They deliver the materials for our river cruise ships and the floating engine room units that we build for our shipyards in Papenburg and Turku. Our highly specialised work requires innovative and dependable partners. We work with local suppliers and companies from neighbouring European countries – shipbuilding is all about teamwork.

Our river cruise ships are built with

  • 2,500 m² carpet,
  • 1,000 t steel,
  • 140 km cables,
  • 30 t paint and
  • 13 km pipes.

Suppliers are Partners

We value teamwork, and our partner companies are also part of our team. We can only keep our business running with the help of our suppliers. Functioning supply chains are crucial for the construction of river cruise ships and entire units for cruise liners. Our work is technically demanding and often carried out in collaboration with the MEYER Group shipyards in Papenburg and Turku. This only works with flexible and high-quality suppliers.

Developing a long-term cooperation is important to us, because our suppliers not only deliver materials; we establish partnerships to learn from one another and constantly scrutinise our performance to improve together. We find it really important to work together on innovations – our suppliers are also our development and innovation partners. This allows us to benefit from their expertise while they build their commitment to the future.

We consider our suppliers to be full members of our project team – just like our own staff. We believe in consistently open and fair dealings. After all, we can only precisely control our schedules and processes, including any uncertainties, if we understand the challenges faced by our partners. That’s why all our activities are closely coordinated between the departments at the shipyard and our suppliers.

In other words, cooperating with NEPTUN WERFT opens up a whole world of possibilities within a very powerful network. MEYER Group offers its suppliers a very exciting environment. With three shipyards in Papenburg, Rostock and the Finnish city of Turku, MEYER Group also provides access to the international market.