• About Us

    When looking at the current subcontracting share of 75 per cent river cruise ship, it is evident how much emphasis NEPTUN WERFT places on good cooperation with its suppliers.


    The MEYER NEPTUN PORTAL is an internet-based application through which both NEPTUN WERFT and MEYER WERFT communicate with their external partners.

  • Partner of the Year

    The MEYER Group regularly organizes events such as the supplier award ceremony "Partner of the Year". The three shipyards in Papenburg, Rostock and Turku use the event to thank their partners for working together with them so well last year, with special rewards for the best among them.

  • Supplier Newsletter

    Our newsletter presenting information from Purchasing and Materials Management.

  • Partnerships that Unite.

    Underline your partnership with NEPTUN WERFT and show your solidarity by placing a banner of your choice on your blog, website or social networking site,

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