Corona prevention
Information for employees and partners

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus on the shipyard, we are taking various measures. Our aim: to act with foresight, take precautions and ensure the safety of our employees.

We use this page especially to inform our employees without a PC and our partners about current developments.

Correct behaviour

Our prevention measures (04.08.2021)

E-Mail for questions

We have set up a separate e-mail address for concerns and inquiries related to the Corona situation: Questions will either be forwarded by our team to the responsible department or answered directly.

Preventive Measures

The following apply to everyone: everyone can contribute to their own protection and the protection of all colleagues by acting responsibly:

  • Keep your distance: If possible, keep a distance of one or two metres from other people as a precaution.
  • Washing and disinfecting hands regularly
  • Coughing and sneezing label (including coughing/sneezing into the crook of the arm)
  • Refrain from physical contact (e.g. shaking hands)Avoids contact with people suffering from respiratory diseases
Further information is available online from the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Contact doctor by phone

If you have cold symptoms, please do not introduce yourself personally to our company doctor. Please contact her or your family doctor by telephone.

Corona warning app

Since 17.06.2020 it is possible to use the Corona-Warn App to determine contact with infected persons more quickly and easily and to determine the risk of infection.

We hereby expressly recommend all persons employed at the shipyard to install this app and to pass on this recommendation to all persons in their environment in order to further reduce the risk of the Corona virus spreading. More detailed information can also be found in various languages on the website of the Federal Government:

Contact registration of Neptun Werft and Neptun Logistik

As the infection situation has currently stabilised, the contact forms no longer need to be filled in from 05.07.2021.

Business trips

Business trips are possible again, but must be kept to a minimum.

Business trips are approved by the responsible head of department.


Face-to-face meetings are possible again under consideration of protective measures (distance rule; mask obligation (less than 1.5 metres distance); ventilation of the room).

However, face-to-face meetings are to be reduced to a minimum. Video conferencing should continue to be used where possible.

Face-to-face meetings are to be kept as short as possible.

Fill in questionnaire before entering the shipyard

Since 04.08.2020, everyone has to fill in an up-to-date health questionnaire before entering the shipyard (current questionnaire: version 17). Employees who have completed the questionnaire will receive an up-to-date sticker. We recommend everyone to install the Corona warning app of the German government on their private mobile phones and, if available, on the company mobile phone.

Show the shipyard id card without being asked

When entering the shipyard, the id card with the stickers has to be shown to the security personnel without being asked! The shipyard may not be entered without permission of the security personnel. The instructions of the security personnel must be followed.

Reopening of the canteens

The reopening is subject to strict hygiene regulations. Thus, payment is only possible without cash via the id cards (for external guests via guest cards). The cards can be credited in the same way as for the coffee machines.

Please note the obligation to wear mouth protection and the minimum distance of 1.5 m. The mouth-nose protection may of course be removed at the site when food is being consumed.

Please disinfect your hands before entering the canteens!

Seating is limited. We ask for your understanding that when all seats are occupied, you can only order take-away.

Please adhere to the respective break times.

Behavior in smoking areas

Keep at least 1.5 metres away from other people.

No more than 5 people may be in a smoking area at the same time. In this way we comply with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and reduce the risk of spreading.

In order to keep the distance, smoking is allowed within 5 metres of the smoking area.

If the instructions are not followed, the smoking areas must be closed.

Use of medical face masks

From now on, surgical or medical masks must be used instead of fabric masks on the premises of Neptun Werft and in the Schmarl warehouse if the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained.

Furthermore, we always recommend wearing a surgical or medical mask inside buildings.

Where can I get a surgical or medical mask?

Employees from the industrial/manufacturing sector receive surgical or medical masks from their foreman.

For administrative staff, masks are provided in the administration building.

Opening hours of the Personnel Office

All issues and enquiries to the Human Resources Office should be made by email to or by telephone.

For all staff members, do not come in person.

You can simply drop documents in the letterbox in front of the HR Office.

In particular, please send time corrections and payroll-related issues exclusively by e-mail from now on.

Self-test offer

In order to detect mainly asymptomatic infections and to break infection chains quickly, two self-tests per week are provided for all employees who do not work permanently from the home office.

Each test is accompanied by instructions (explanation with pictures and a link to a video) and must be carried out according to the instructions.

If the test result is positive, the employee is not allowed to go to the shipyard.

If a test is positive, contact your manager, family doctor or the medical standby service immediately on 116 117.

Misuse of the tests handed out (e.g. passing them on or selling them to third parties) will result in consequences.

The self-tests are handed out at the main security station.

Staff who want proof of a negative test result can take the test in the waiting container at the ID office. The test will be accompanied by a security guard from the main station. In order to avoid waiting times, we ask you to register for the test either yourself or via your manager at the main station.

Dividing the shipyard into zones

As a preventive measure, NEPTUN WERFT has been divided into different zones in which only certain employees are allowed to work and stay.

This is intended to prevent contact with each other across the zones.

It is not allowed to leave the zone. In this way, we want to prevent the risk of infection.

Each employee is assigned to a zone in order to keep the number of contacts as low as possible.


Changing zones is prohibited.

Each zone is linked to working hours.

Smoking is only permitted in the own work zone.

Adapted shift model

To ensure that the zoning works as planned and that contact with other colleagues is avoided, specific shift times have been allocated to the zones.

Entering the shipyard premises is permitted a maximum of 10 minutes before the changing time of the corresponding working time. Entering the yard outside these times is prohibited.

Reporting of corona / suspected cases

In view of the current situation with the Corona virus and virus mutations, immediate notification of suspected cases, infected persons and their contacts is imperative in order to break the chains of infection immediately.

The notification should be sent to the email address:

Employees, of the mentioned cases below are not allowed to enter the shipyard.

The following cases are to be reported:

1. Confirmed Corona - infection in a person.

2. Contact persons of the infected person.

3. Persons with Corona symptoms (still waiting for a Corona test result)

4. Contact persons of the person with corona symptoms (who is still waiting for a corona test result)

5. Contact persons of a person with a positive antigen test.

Accommodation in apartments

We urge you to accommodate your company's employees, if possible, separately according to the shifts and zones assigned during working hours. This means that, in the best case, only those persons who work together in the same shift and zone will be accommodated together in private. In any case, it is important to strictly adhere to hygiene conditions in private as well, thus reducing the number of contact persons. This is the only way to reduce the risk of spread in the event of an outbreak.