River Sips for Viking River Cruises

The river cruise ships for Viking River Cruises are highly innovative and were designed according to absolutely new aspects. It was the aim of the shipping company, architects and shipyard to develop ships that optimally match the guests’ needs and demands. Having a length of 134,90 m, a width of 11,45 m and a draught of approximately 1,60 m, they can navigate on all large European rivers as well as the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. The ships are also suitable for navigating Dutch rivers.

The new river cruise ships offer room for 190 passengers in 95 outside cabins: two Explorer Suits – with 44 m² the largest on European rivers, seven Veranda Suites with a balcony in front of the living area and a French balcony in the bedroom, 39 balcony cabins, 22 cabins with French balconies and 25 standard cabins.

There is a panorama-glazed lounge with over 190 seats in the front area of the ships. The Aquavit-terrace is of special interest here, a large area similar to a winter garden with a large outdoor terrace. This spatial concept allows passengers to be outdoors when the dun deck cannot be used, even when passing through areas with lots of bridges. A generous sized atrium, which extends over two decks, a glass lift that links all the decks, and a restaurant with 190 seats bordering the atrium characterize the ship’s interior design.

The whole open deck of the ship serves as a sun deck. Here you can find the walking-route as well as the on-board herb garden. The skipper has a clear view over the route from the retractable wheelhouse; laterally arranged, also retractable wing control units ensure a smooth docking and undocking.

The environmental compatibility of the ships is very important for the shipping company. An essential focus is the greatest possible reduction of exhaust gas emissions. Therefore, all ships for the Viking-fleet are equipped with trendsetting diesel-electric drive units. In order to avoid the emission of soot, the main engines as well as the auxiliary engines are equipped with soot-particle filters.

The first ship for the shipping company, the Viking Prestige, has already been delivered in 2011.

Main characteristics of the river cruise ships for Viking River Cruises

Overall Length 135 m
Width:11,45 m
Draught:1,60 m
Number of Passengers:190
Number of Passenger Cabins:95
Speed:21 km/h