Plant Engineering Mechanic

You need to be an all-rounder to train as a plant engineering mechanic, as you’ll get to grips with a whole range of tasks like welding, soldering, bending, drilling, screwing and sawing. You’ll lay cables, shape and install pipes, put our complex systems in operation and maintain them. And if any of our systems stop working, you’ll have to find and repair the fault.
After training as a plant engineering mechanic at NEPTUN WERFT, we’ll help you continue your development as a technician or a metalworking foreman qualified to the standards of the Chamber and Industry and Commerce.

Who do we want on board?

  • You have a good high school leaving certificate
  • You like working with your hands on technical projects
  • You demonstrate technical understanding and spatial intelligence

  • You work well in a team
  • You’re physically fit and resilient
  • Duration: 3.5 years


“I grew up in the north of Germany, where people develop a close connection to ships. That’s why I’m training here!”

Karl Dreyer
Trainee Plant Engineering Mechanic at NEPTUN WERFT


“Shipbuilding is about taking lots of different components and making an impressive whole. That’s what excites me”

Karl Dreyer
Trainee Plant Engineering Mechanic at NEPTUN WERFT


“NEPTUN WERFT is like a little piece of home”.

Karl Dreyer
Trainee Plant Engineering Mechanic at NEPTUN WERFT

Welcome on Board!

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